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You have all been waiting for an update on our chips and we can today announce that the Fabrication process has finished and the wafers are on their way to the packing assembly house right now. They will be in the assembly house for a few days before they make their way to us in Sweden  and of course via the fastest method possible.

 While it’s going to be a tight and we always knew it was. Time to market is everything in this business after all. We have also broken a few speed records in this business to bring a design to market in the fastest time possible.  But we are still on track to have Jupiter/Saturn shipping this month.

 We will update this news site as often as we can with news. We will even have some videos this week from our Swedish assembly factory as some of our smaller parts begin to be assembled ready for full production the minute the chips arrive.

 We would also like to take this opportunity to say that while we have remained as silent as possible on our simulations and only promised figures that we know we can meet. we will not down clock our chips to 400 we will release all our machines with the greatest hashing power we can. So yes the rumors are true Jupiter will be greater than 400 by a significant margin as a free gift from us to all our loyal customers. The first chips off of the production line we will run at full speed in our launch video so you can all see exactly how fast we can make Jupiter run.

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