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Filecoin官方信息 | 关于Slingshot赛道,你想知道的都在这



Q1. will we have a specific reward structure for the space race 2 orbital burn and slingshot?

A:Yes, we will have a specific reward structure for both tracks of Space Race 2.For Slingshot, there will be a prize pool distributed among all storage participants who are eligible for rewards. The size of the Slingshot prize pool is determined by the total amount of data stored on the network. The more data we all store collectively, the greater the size of the prize pool that will be unlocked. The final prizes will be distributed proportionally among all Slingshot participants according to the amount of data stored by each project. You can see the Slingshot prize pools here: https://slingshot.filecoin.io/rules 。

For Orbital Burn, the primary mechanism for miner rewards will be (1) storage power, in the form of sectors transferred/preloaded into mainnet and (2) FIL, in the form of pledge collateral covered for the transferred sectors。


A:Slingshot赛道的奖金池大小取决于有多少数据被储存在赛道上,最终奖金会按各项目储存的数据大小分配给参与者,详见https://slingshot.filecoin.io/rules 。

Orbital Burn赛道的主要奖励机制有两方面,1,储存的算力,储存的扇区转移到主网;2,Fil代币,转移的扇区上质押的币将一同转移到主网。

Q2.What are the specific rules of SR2 - Orbital Burn,What proportion of the reward will be transferred to the mainnet?

A:The specific selection of sectors is not yet finalized. Toward the end of SR2, we will confirm the process for pre-loading sectors sealed during testnet into Mainnet。

Q2.Orbital Burn赛道的具体规则如何,哪部分数据能被转移到主网?


Q3.I ran 3 small miners and combined them under SpaceRace. Will I be able to transfer my sectors as a single combined miner to main-net?

A:“Combining miners” was an off-chain convenience to make it easier to rank & distribute rewards. If you ran 3 separate miners during SR1, their sectors (& corresponding power) cannot be transferred or combined into a single miner for mainnet。



Q4.Can miners unlock the pledge collateral covered after mainnet launches if they aren't willing to mine any more ?

A:No, if you stop mining, your pledge collateral will eventually be consumed by sector fault fees. The pledge collateral incentive is intended to ease early collateral requirements for mainnet mining。



Q5.I want to accept deals from Slingshot participants but my deal filter for bots is in place. What do you recommend so I don't get bad deals that spoil sectors?

A:During SR1, testnet FIL was very easy to obtain, which caused gas fee inflation and subsequent DDoS. The FIL adjustments made partway through SR1 should make it much more expensive (and therefore less attractive) to send messages at that volume。

During SR2, for miners who wish to accept Slingshot deals, we recommend removing the dealbot filters。

We are instructing storage clients to treat their testnet FIL very carefully as well, as a scarce resource. Because of this, it’s unlikely you’re going to get bad deals from Slingshot participants。


A:在太空竞赛一种,FIL非常容易获得,这也造成了Gas Fee通胀和易发起DDoS攻击。在太空竞赛一中我们做出了相应的调整使发送如此大量或昂贵的消息变得代价高昂。



Q6.How did you calculate the reward for mining. Depending on the region a miner who uploaded 1pib earned more FIL than somebody who uploaded 20 pib?

A:Space Race rewards were designed to incentivize Filecoin’s big-picture goals: to create a *robust, decentralized, and global* storage network. In some cases, that means miners in regions with less-established mining capacity were rewarded for their contributions to building a balanced network。



Q7.Will the rewards of the space race be cashed out?

A:All FIL rewards from Space Race will vest over 6 months, starting at mainnet launch。




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