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7 Awards - Blockchain insight and consensus INTRODUCTIO

The continuous blockchain fever has bred a large number of highly creative entrepreneurs and projects. They are becoming the future power and frontier walkers, pathfinders and disruptors of the times. To this end, 8BTC, along with TokenInsight, creates the Blockchain Insight 2019, in an effort to discover high-quality projects and prove their value with precise data, as well as instill spiritual strength to the blockchain industry. To make the list open and transparent, 8BTC and TokenInsight will also jointly publish The Whitepaper of Blockchain Insight 2019.

  • Most Valuable DAPP Platforms

    01 Most Valuable DAPP Platforms

  • Most Valuable Exchanges

    02 Most Valuable Exchanges

  • Most Valuable Wallets

    03 Most Valuable Wallets

  • Most Valuable Mining Pools

    04 Most Valuable Mining Pools

  • Most Promising Teams

    05 Most Promising Teams

  • Discerning Investors

    06 Discerning Investors

  • Best - performed blockchain apps

    07 Best - performed blockchain apps

  • Whitepaper WHITEPAPER

    The event will launch the world debut of Whitepaper of Blockchain Insight 2019, and open source the data of the 7 awards. The whitepaper takes on multiple dimensions with a strict data-filtering model, explains the meaning behind the data in detail, and proves the value with data, in this sense, to build consensus on the value standard of the blockchain industry.

    Coming soon
  • Book – 10-Year History of Blockchain NEW BOOK

    It’s bitcoin’s tenth year anniversary, a decade full of ups and downs. In this year, 8BTC have initiated and planned to gather 12 industry leaders from blockchain sector to write on the "10-Year History of Blockchain", tracing the 10-year development of blockchain from various perspectives and presenting a holistic view of China's blockchain industry.

    Coming soon


(No Particular Order)

  • Wang Yongli

    Wang Yongli

    Former vice president of Bank of China, President of Strait Blockchain Research Institute

    1989-2014, served in the Bank of China and led to tackle with the subprime mortgage crisis and global financial crisis. He was the first director of Swift from mainland China, senior vice president of LeTV and CEO of LeTV finance. He is the author of Panoramic Perspective of the Financial Crisis, New Mindsets on Finance New Directions for Banking, Cross Crisis: China's Choice in the World Upheaval.

  • Wu Jihan

    Wu Jihan

    Cofounder of Bitmain

    He came across bitcoin in 2011 and founded 8BTC with Changjia. He was the first person to translate Satoshi’s thesis on bitcoin into Chinese which became widely spread in China, and he is thus known as an early bitcoin preacher. In 2013, he founded Bitmain and served as the company’s CEO. Bitmain has now become the world’s leading bitcoin miner manufacturer. In Aug 2017, he pushed the hard fork of bitcoin and a firm supporter of the forked coin BCH.

  • Changjia


    Founder of 8BTC and Bytom, Famous science fiction writer

    He is a three-time winner of the Galaxy Award (Oscar of sci-fi in China), and committed to blockchain technology promotion and theoretical research with the proposal of “Impossible Triangle in Blockchain”. In 2011, he founded 8BTC, and co-wrote Bitcoin: A Real Yet Virtual Financial World (2014), Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society.

  • Duan Xinxing

    Duan Xinxing

    Founder and CEO of Bytom

    He is a financial and tech researcher, former senior engineer of Lucent Bell Laboratories and scholarship recipient of Gates Foundation. Apart from project developing, he also co-wrote the book Blockchain: Reshape the Economy and the World (published by China CITIC in 2016), Notes for Blockchain Technology Development.

  • Hu Tao

    Hu Tao

    CEO of TokenInsight

    Master of Science in finance from University of Rochester; Master of Science from Tsinghua University; Bachelor of Economics from Peking University. He joined WestSummit Capital after graduation, and participated in the company’s investment in Twitch, Altobeam, Viovision. In 2017, he was nominated in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in consumer technology of 2017. In 2018, he founded TokenInsight, a global token data and rating firm.

  • Gao Hang

    Gao Hang

    Founder and chairman of DataQin Tech

    Executive director of China Blockchain Application Research Center and head of Zhejiang branch center, member of National Committee Of Experts On The Internet Financial Security Technology, former CTO of Yibite, founder CEO of Mingin.com, CEO of Zjmax.com. He’s been committed to blockchain and digital currency since 2013, and has become a senior expert on blockchain technology, fintech, and tax informatization. He is the author of Blockchain and New Economy: Digital Currency 2.0 Era, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: New Era of Digital Economy.

  • Yu Xuemai

    Yu Xuemai

    Founder and chairman of DataQin Tech

    Bachelor of science (1st Class with honour) in electronic finance from the University of Liverpool, Master of science in financial risk management (Distinction).

  • Yao Yongjie

    Yao Yongjie

    Founding partner of Grand Shore (Xiong’An) Fund

    Also served as chairman of Tunlan investment and SHIS LTD. As the new leader of Zhejiang merchants in 2015, he has over 10 years’ experience in private equity investment and management. He’s been eyeing the capital market at home and abroad with a global perspective.

  • Sun Lilin

    Sun Lilin

    Founder of PlatON, CEO of JUZIX

    Served as executive vice president of the third-party payment company of China UnionPay, senior director of market development department of China UnionPay and senior researcher of strategic development department. He founded JUZIX and serves as CEO, and is engaged in PlatON project to build the next-gen computing architecture.

  • Bai Shuo

    Bai Shuo

    Former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange

    Served as director of software research office of computer institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange. He is currently the director of the Technology Committee for the ChinaLedger Alliance and the consultant of Wanxiang laboratory.

  • Li Lin

    Li Lin

    Founder and Chairman of Huobi Group

    He graduated from Tsinghua University in 2007 and joined Oracle. In 2013, he founded Huobi, one of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges.

  • Meng Yan

    Meng Yan

    Initiator of token economy, Vice president of CSDN

    He served as vice president of CSDN (Chinese Software Developer Network), one of the biggest networks of software developers in China. He’s been deeply studying blockchain and cryptography engineering since 2015; In 2017, he, together with Yuandao, proposed the concept of “Token Economy”.

  • Liu Changyong

    Liu Changyong

    Blockchain preacher

    Doctor of economics from Peking University, partner of ChainVC, associate professor at Chongqing Technology and Business University. He has been preaching bitcoin knowledge and on the study of bitcoin-related economics since 2013. He’s a senior scholar in blockchain sector and an early promoter of BCH.

  • Ju Jianhua

    Ju Jianhua

    Founder and CEO of BHEX

    Served as vice president of NYSE-listed companies and has rich experience in financial transactions, Internet security, crypto assets and blockchain. He has been active in the technical community and has served as co-chair of ArchSummit for two terms. In 2018, he founded Blue Helix to create a new blockchain system for asset custody, clearing and trading.

  • Luo Jinhai

    Luo Jinhai

    Founder and CEO of Quantum School

    An early blockchain entrepreneur in the country, founder of 2140 Crypto Community, Coinxu and ColaPay. He wrote the readable blockchain book Everybody Knows Blockchain.

  • He Bin

    He Bin

    Founder of imToken

    Served as a product manager in an internet company after graduation, during which, he taught himself programming and design. In 2015, he uses blockchain technology to develop data repository; in 2016, he founded the most popular crypto wallet in China - imToken.

  • Han Feng

    Han Feng

    Cofounder of Elastos Foundation

    PhD student of quantum physics from Tsinghua University. He once served as the project leader of "evaluation and selection of innovative talents based on network (big data)", a key project of the tenth five-year plan of Tsinghua University, and the partner of Oracle Education Foundation in China.

  • Li Wei

    Li Wei

    CEO of Hyperchain

    He graduated from Zhejiang University with a doctorate in engineering. He once served in notable tech companies like Microsoft Research Asia, State Street Tech., Hengtian Software Co., LTD., Schooner (Silicon Valley), SanDisk, etc, with focus mainly on blockchain and big data technology.

  • Jiang Chun

    Jiang Chun

    Partner of Puhua Capital

    Doctor of computer science and application from Zhejiang University, former chief engineer of Zhejiang Daily, CEO of Media Dreamworks, deputy director of Angel Investment Committee of Zhejiang Venture Capital Association. He’s a three-time "top ten angel investors of Zhejiang province", and also the investor of 8BTC and other excellent blockchain projects.

  • Li Jun

    Li Jun

    Founder of ONT

    Master of communication engineering, Bachelor of computer science, MBA, PMP. With 16 years’ experience in IT and Fintech, he’s a senior expert on blockchain architecture and solutions. Before that, he was mainly engaged in technical architecture and planning in top international IT companies and large financial exchanges in China.

  • Zhang Feng

    Zhang Feng

    deputy editor-in-chief of NetEase Media

    Former president of Zhejiang Youth Times, vice-chairman of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, and later vice-minister of Research and Publicity Department of China Association for Science and Technology; serves as deputy editor-in-chief of Netease Media and general manager of Netease Media Local Business Department since January 2016.

  • Che Keda

    Che Keda

    Founder and CEO of OWNERSHIP

    Guest lecturer on blockchain subjects at Harbin Institute of Technology, former researcher at Blockchain Laboratory of Harvard University, and former commercial designer and engineer of IDEO. Served as technical consultant in blockchain field for Alibaba, Hainan Airlines, Baidu Finance, etc, and delivered speeches on blockchain application at many conferences (such as GMIC) within and outside the country.

  • MORE


    More to come…

Agenda & Schedule AGENDA & SCHEDULE

Jan 4, 2019 Banquet hall (F1) at Marriott Hotel, Qiangjiang New CBD (No.399, Juyuan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China)

    • 13:30-13:35
    • Opening

    • 13:35-13:40
    • Welcome speech

    • Wang Lei, CEO of 8BTC

    • 13:40-13:45
    • Host speech

    • Hu Tao, CEO of TokenInsight

    • 13:45-14:15
    • Keynote speech: Core Value Problems about Blockchain

    • Speaker: Wang Yongli, Former vice president of Bank of China

    • 14:15-14:25
    • Launch Blockchain Insight 2019

    • 14:25-14:45
    • Launch the list of the most promising blockchain projects

    • 14:45-14:55
    • Launch the list of the most promising blockchain teams

    • 14:55-15:25
    • Panel discussion: The Most Expected Blockchain Innovation in 2019

    • Host: Hu Tao, CEO of TokenInsight

      Guests: nominated teams

    • 15:25-15:35
    • Launch the list of best-performed blockchain apps

    • 15:35-15:45
    • Launch the list of discerning investors

    • 15:45-16:15
    • Panel discussion: Reshape Value – The Next Boom of Blockchain

    • Host: Qu Zhaoxiang, COO of 8BTC

      Guests: Chang Jia,8BTC founder

      Sun Lilin, PlatON founder

      Wang Ben, DataQin CTO

      (and more to come…)

    • 16:15-16:25
    • Strategic Partner's speech (simplechain conference)

    • 16:25-16:35
    • Book launch ceremony of 10-Year History of Blockchain

    • 16:35-17:05
    • Panel discussion of the book authors: Where will you be in the next 10 years?

    • Host: Tang Xialing, editor in chief of 8BTC

      Guests: He Bin,imToken founder

      Liu Changyong, founder of KnowCryptoCollege

      Luo Jinhai, founder of quantum school

      Han Feng MIT Blockchain Laboratory sponsor

      Zhang Feng, deputy editor-in-chief of NetEase Media

    • 18:00—20:00
    • High-end Dinner (specially invited with admission by ticket only)


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