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巴比特专栏 | 脸书FB的CaLibra/Libra六大关键点

巴比特专栏 | 脸书FB的CaLibra/Libra六大关键点

Larry 发布在 区块链 39354

1. 基于LibraBFT共识算法的可扩展许可型联盟链/DLT技术:目前有28个节点,计划近期达到100个节点,FB仅是其中之一,最终希望演进为无许可公链。 

Scalable permission Blockchain/DLT based on LibraBFT consensus (current only 28 nodes and 100 soon, FB is just one of 100 nodes, will migrate to permissionless public chain finally);

2. 一个稳定的跨国界的数字加密货币Libra:100%由一揽子法币和短期国债支持和锚定。

A stable & borderless digital cryptocurrency Libra FULLY backed by the Libra Reserve with Fiat currencies and short term government bonds;

3. 创新的数字资产和智能合约编程语言MOVE: 更安全,更简捷,更方便。

New digital asset and smart contract programming language MOVE for better security and easy to use;

4. 开放式非营利自治组织Calibra:加入有条件限制,脸书FB仅是其中一个成员。 

Conditioned open non profit DAO organization Calibra (FB is just one of the members);

5. Calibra的价值代币LIT(Libra Incentive Token):LIT是为Calibra的价值存储和投资,与其功用代币Libra分开。该模型与我一直倡导的双币模型一致(一个价值代币VT做价值存储和投资,这里是LIT;另一个功用代币UT做使用流通,这里是Libra)。 

Calibra's LIT (Libra Incentive Token) for value storage is isolated from Libra (Utility Token) . This DUAL Token model is in sync with my dual token proposal (one Value Token VT for Value Storage/Investment (LIT) and another Utility Token UT for utilization Libra);

6. 应用开发商AD和服务提供商SP利用Calibra提供的开放API(如钱包,合约语言MOVE等)开发应用并提供服务。应用开发商AD和服务提供商SP的商业模式与Calibra的商业模式隔离,脸书FB仅是其中之一的应用开发商AD和服务提供商SP,没有绑定在一起。脸书FB不是Calibra,Calibra也不是FB, 二者完全不同。FB不会从Calibra直接获益,只能像其它应用开发商AD和服务提供商SP一样间接获益,利用自己的应用服务获利(就如同微信支付一样)。 

App developers and Service Providers (FB is just one of ADs/SPs) will use Calibra open APIs (likely via Wallets, MOVE, etc.). The business models of ADs/SPs are separated from Calibra, not bundled together. FB is completely different from Calibra and FB will NOT benefit directly from Calibra (like from Calibra's incomes) but indirectly as all other ADs/SPs do (as WeChat Pay does).



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  • Larry 2019-06-28
    Glad to see FB's Libra/Calibra announcement. It will definitely be a good MOVE for FB. People are overestimating its impact in a short term but underestimating its impact in a long run, for good or bad. For sure, it will be marked in the history. It is a good try for FB to address one of its big issues/challenges it is facing now. Libra is a stable global digital currency derived from the block chain, backed and linked to the real world financial system and become the digital finance infrastructure. The significance of its breakthrough is beyond doubt. As FB and other app developers can hook up easily with Calibra, apps can offer all kinds of services to their users/customers using stable cryptocurrency Libra as a convenient instant P2P payment mechanism and beyond based on top of Calibra without boundary limitations. Calibra could be the global central bank and it will bring a new era to individuals/business and services providers although Libra/Calibra will face a lot challenges like one of them is the regulations from different nations. Libra/Calibra will bring a new FB and new world to us.